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Kirkkopuistikko 31 A (pohjakerros), 65100 Vaasa

Welcome to Moon Yoga & Reiki!

To connect with the intelligence within us, we need to slow down and feel more. Are you interested to learn how the moon is affecting us and how to flow with the moon? It is said that women’s cycle is synced with the moon. We believe that by following our unique needs and giving our body and mind what is needed in the different phases we can feel so much more in balance. The female cycle delivers a clear message, and it can be a sacred guide to our own intuition if we just let it. It would be an absolute honor to share this beautiful moon cycle practice with you. Are you curious and want to get to know more about your cycle and the moon connection? You do not need any previous experience of yoga. You are most welcome as you are. During the course, you get to try out different yoga practices, Hatha Flow, Yin & Meditation, Breathing Exercises and Yoga Nidra, to mention a few. The course also includes a distant Reiki treatment. Reiki is a holistic healing method. The treatment is of course optional.

After a short introduction to the theme of the class (waxing, full, waning and new moon) we will guide you through a class that gives your body & mind what is needed during the specific moon phase. We will also discuss healthy daily routines, to help you find your path / seasonal foods to support your natural needs.

We speak English, Swedish and Finnish, according to the need of the group.

Teachers: Petra Autio & Leena Ivars